ExositeReady SDK  2.0.0
ExositeReady SDK Documentation


The ExositeReady SDK is a collection of software modules that allows to easily compile modular Exosite Client software for various HW platforms supported by Exosite. It has built-in support for various network protocols and to provide flexible access to the Exosite services.

The ExositeReady SDK is ideal for the embedded environments.


  • Cross-platform; the source code is written in C
  • The SDK core is std99 compliant C sources
  • Flexible and Extendible architecture
  • Built-in support for FreeRTOS, QMX, OS X and Linux
  • ExOS mode (Single-Threaded mode without Operating System )
  • Easy-to-Use, non-blocking API
  • Exosite Provisioning support
  • Highly Configurable to match various HW constraints
  • Built-in protocols:
    • HTTP
    • Co-AP
  • Security
    • TLS
    • DTLS
  • Tiny static and run-time footprint


The user APIs are located under the ./include/ folder

Detailed documentation is located under the ./docs/ folder